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7 Top Tips for Selling Your Home

You may have just started to think about moving house, or perhaps you have found your dream home and the pressure is on to sell your current property. Either way, the following tips will help you to get your home in the best possible shape for a speedy sale.

1. Think about who is most likely to buy your home

Think about what type (or types) of people your home is best suited for, and then try to gear your property towards that group as best as you possibly can. For instance, if you wish to sell to a professional person/ couple, set up your spare room as a home office so that they can visualise working there themselves. It might be worth thinking back to when you bought the property and what appealed to you about your current home.

2. Remove the clutter, but leave some personality

The longer you have lived somewhere, the more likely it is that you will have filled every nook and cranny of your house with ‘stuff’. It is time to be brutal and clear out anything that you don’t really need (it will make the process of moving so much easier as well). If you do nothing else, make sure the entrance to your house is as clutter-free as possible so that viewers get a positive first impression. Don’t be afraid of showing a bit of personality though – people buy into a lifestyle, as much as the space itself.

3. Freshen Up

Whilst it is not generally necessary to redecorate every single room of your house, painting any rooms or spaces that have seen better days with a neutral coloured painted will freshen up your house considerably. If re-decoration is not an option, then at the very least you should ensure your home is clean and tidy (inside and out). Give the whole house a thorough clean, shampoo the carpets, tidy the garden, and replace those low cost items that can visually make a big difference such a new toilet seat, decent bath towels and tea towels, and a strategically placed pot plant here and there.

4. Maximise your home’s potential

If your home has any obvious areas that could be utilised or improved upon – for instance, going into the loft or converting the garage into another room - then consider putting in for planning permission prior to going to market. This way buyers will know whether or not the potential they see is likely to be allowed and/ or achievable.

5. Go public

Even in the digital age nothing shouts louder than a ‘For Sale’ board outside your house. Word of mouth is also a powerful tool so make sure you tell your neighbours family and friends in the local area that you are on the move – you may be surprised to discover who has been admiring your home in secret.

6. Preparing for Viewings

People viewing your property will be making judgements on your home before they’ve even got to the front door. Make sure you have left a space for them to park, sweep up and tidy your front garden, and make sure the first impression as they step inside the property is as perfect as it can be. Whilst potential buyers may not be swayed by the smell of baking bread and freshly brewed coffee, there is a chance they may be put off by strong cooking smells such as powerful curries or fish dishes. In addition, try not to let your pets run around as this could well put off viewers from the outset.

7. Showing a Property

You know your home better than anybody, which is exactly why you probably aren’t the best person to show potential buyers around. If possible, always get your agent to do the viewings for you. Not only do they have a vested interest in making sure your house is sold, you are also paying them for this service. If you do have to show anybody around, try to listen rather than speak, and don’t overload them with details. If possible, after you have shown them around let them explore your home without you loitering next to them (although don’t go too far away as they may want to ask you some questions).

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